Tritom Essential for Data Producers



Value for Data Producers

 Even today, crop planning software, accounting systems, tractors, grain silos, milking robots, weather stations and many other day-to-day farm operations generate data. The data produced is like a second crop on the farm, which usually goes unharvested. See now how Tritom can help you get the full value of your work. 

See the big picture

Improve farm productivity through data-driven management. Optimise workflow, streamline logistics and maximise your return on investment. Knowing where and how to harvest the best overall yield from your farm will save you valuable time and money.

Security of supply 

Tritom's collaborative data enables new trading partnerships and sales channels. The ability of primary production to trade more directly benefits the entire chain through increased sales volumes, expanded offerings and improved security of supply

Added value for the product

Combining data and raw material creates more valuable end products. For example,  measurement of the carbon footprint of food or a verified proof of origin, ethics and healthiness of food adds value to it and benefits to the producer.

Data Producers 

Allow data transfer between the sending and receiving systems

Tritom enables data transmission from the farm to the food industry or even to a restaurant. Data can also be combined in unlimited ways, from map data to crop quality, from weather data to grain prices, or from fuel consumption data to the price of food on the shelf. The possibilities for new innovations are almost limitless. Some will make your farm more efficient, others will add value to the entire food chain. Contact us and we'll tell you more about the potential of Tritom for you. 


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