Tritom Enterprise for Service Providers

Shared value throughout the production chain

Tritom gives all food and industry players an equal opportunity to develop and build new business through the power of collaborative data. Learn more about the benefits of Tritom for your organisation.

Order and supply chain

Tritom benefits the whole chain of operators by reducing disruption, enabling even better forecasting, improving traceability and thus chain accountability

Service production

Tritom solves compatibility problems between different systems. We enable new service delivery models that better serve ordering and supply chains

Product development

Information from collaborative data shared by products and devices will help to target product development. This will also enable us to increase the competitiveness of domestic service offerings. 

Food and Industry Operators 

Send and receive information on the Tritom data intermediaton service

Tritom offers all food and industry players equal access to data. This also allows small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the market as independent players. Tritom also opens the door to completely new services, development and business models. 

The data transfer to Tritom does not require any modifications from our customers, but the integration is seamless with the Tritom Connector included in the solution. Contact us and we will tell you more about the possibilities of Tritom for you. 


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