DataSpace Europe Oy

Who are we? 


DataSpace Europe Oy is a pioneer of data spaces in Europe.
We develop and offer data intermediation services across Europe for various industries
and we support organizations in the development of data-driven business.

We work daily for a fairer data economy with European networks.
We are a member of IDSA and GAIA-X.


What we do?
The backbone of our business is to bring to the market a solution model that enables the mobility, transmission, visualization and utilization of data across industries in the entire value network.

Our solution model combines key global customer and market needs in the manner outlined by the European Union's data strategy.

DataSpace Europe wants to increase the understanding of data spaces and the opportunities and benefits that collaborative data brings to everyone. We strive to promote the creation of ecosystems by bringing companies together, and helping companies and end users to utilize data more effectively.

This is exactly what our data intermediation service Tritom  makes possible!


Reliability, equality, responsibility and justice


We are building a European fair data revolution for a more humane, safer and more equal tomorrow


Our vision is to be Europe's leading data intermediary, which enables the creation and development of data ecosystems in accordance with the principles of a fair data economy.


Owners and financiers