DataSpace Europe Oy

DataSpace Europe Oy

We are building a European fair data revolution for a more humane, safer and more equal tomorrow.


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Our values

On a shared journey

DataSpace Europe wants to increase understanding of the opportunities that collaborative data brings for all. We aim to foster the creation of ecosystems by bringing businesses together and helping businesses and end-users to use data more effectively.  Our values, which are visible in our work, are
Integrity, equality, responsibility and fairness 


Key persons

Kari Järvinen

+358 408 204 187

Jyrki Hyyrönmäki

+358 405 902 905

Juhani Luoma-Kyyny

Business architect
+358 405 277 150

Antti Kivelä

Chairman of the Board
+358 40 4827 435

You Here?

We are recruiting a salesperson right now. Feel free to contact us and we'll tell you more!